Who would have thought that DJ-ing would not only be the time of your life, but also such a lucrative business? Not DJ Sam Diego a couple years ago, but now I am a full-time believer. 

I rapidly went from DJ-ing for the top DJ company in San Diego to forming my own entity, doing a build out of a website and social media, and running marketing campaigns to networking myself and the company into the local go-to DJ company. Now, we are consistently receiving referrals from social media, email, past clients, and people within the industry. Are you ready to do the same? 

Are you ready to start working with some of your dream corporations and dream couples? If you are committed to following key steps, you too can experience the same exponential growth within your market (whether national or international). Through a few free marketing briefs, coaching sessions, and private resources most choose not to share, my goal is to get you on track to maximizing your revenue, whether you are a solo operator or a multi-op DJ Company.

What are you waiting for? LET’S GET STARTED!

FaceTime/Google Hangouts/Skype/Zoom w/ DJ Sam Diego

During this 1-hour session, we will dive deep into running a DJ company as a business to make full-time money on a very part time schedule. We can also discuss anything you’d like from social media strategy and how to connect with clients, to more in-depth sales strategy for high-priced events. Up to 1 full hour to pick my brain and ask anything you’ve ever wanted to ask. 


Face to Face 

This meeting will include teaching the basics of setting up a DJ setup, using a mixer, and we will practice use of a strong voice as an emcee. We will conduct a practice interview with clients, and will also practice networking with others in the industry. We will discuss your branding strategy and work on a plan to implement that strategy over the next 3 months. For this strategy session, it is expected that you will come prepared with questions, so that when we are finished with the day, you will have a wealth of knowledge. This “Face to Face” is best-suited for those new to DJ-ing, but can be adjusted for those with intermediate and advanced skills. While the art of transitions and beat matching is most certainly necessary, most of this meeting will focus on the business components of running a DJ business. If you are new to DJ-ing and would like to begin, the session will also include a list of DJ equipment and suggestions as to where to get the best prices. The “Face to Face” will end with a hands-on opportunity to apply some learned skills at an event.